Teaching since the age of 16

There is nothing that I love more than creating, entertaining and teaching. I love practising dancing, music and writing, I love MCing, and I love teaching. I was a sailing instructor by age 16, but didn’t feel passionate about it. I searched for a while, until I found Lindy Hop and Tap dancing.

What I cherish the most about my job as an MC, a solo and a partnered teacher is that I get to work with people. I can share what inspires me, I get to inspire them, and together we find the next step in their dancing and we have a great party! My aim is to make bridges between music, dancing and body awareness. To connect the dots and be a platform for people to find what or how they want to train.

Growing up with a French mother and a German father, I fluently speak three languages, which I use to connect the best I can with students. Read more about me in my bio.

Bio & Media

I love social dancing

Areski Stichweh – Dancer / MC / Teacher for Solo + Lindy Hop

Solo Movement

Lift your knee up for good technique in tap

I teach Solo Jazz, Body Awareness (how to warm up, stretch, and stand), and a bit of Tap.

Master of Ceremony

Creating a cozy atmosphere

As a MC, my role is to be entertaining, but also to hold everything together. The show must go on!

Partnered Dancing

Social dancing is fun

I work together with different partners: Katie Cobalt, Kris Blindert and Jule Küppers.

Pedagogy Training

Learning how to teach is fun

Become a great teacher, quickly. Techniques to help you teach anyone, with anyone.

Friendship and Lindy Hop are both fun

How Swing Dancing is About Equality

Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop are a street dance: it’s all about communication. Having a conversation with your partners, where both of us can be enthusiastic about what the other has to say. Sometimes we hear the music in the same way, sometimes in a different way. In both cases it can be fantastic to just realise where we are, acknowledge it and make space for the other to share what they have to say, and then also share what we have to say.

In my dancing, I work hard on finding that equality, by working on myself and inviting students to do the same. The more you have to offer, the more you will be able to connect and have fun with anyone. In classes, I give techniques that helped me have fun at every social, regardless of background or worldview.

The equality also expands to my teaching techniques. I am sharing from human to human, trying my best to understand where students are coming from to make sure that they get feedback that fits to what they both need, and want.

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“Loved the classes! What I like about his teaching is that he is very attentive and responsive to the students. That creates a very safe and comfortable feeling in working on things or asking questions. Also I think it’s cool how easily he can switch from ‘normal Areski’ to ‘hyper professional Areski’.”

Swing Summit 2019 feedback

“Great energy to be around outside the class as well as in-class. Very attentive and always ready to jump in with more things to work on. And a great relaxed style of dancing to learn from.”

– Lish (London)

“Honestly, I did not expect too much from such a young guy. How huge positive disappointment! Very talented dancer of course, but most importantly – big talent for teaching, which is not so common.”

Swing Summit 2019 feedback

“Areski made us laugh and at the same time feel appreciated and taken seriously. No judgments, very helpful feedback, and a super pleasant presence in all parts of the house at any time.”

Swing Summit 2019 feedback

“I had the pleasure of having Areski as a teacher during Swing Summit and he was one of the best teachers I ever had. His classes are very detailed, but never overwhelming, and his feedback is clear and on point.

Also, he will make you laugh. You’ll have no choice on this.”

– Andreia (Lisbon)

“I was surprised that such a young fellow could inspire me with his dance, music and personality.”

Swing Summit 2018

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