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November 2022

Stir It!

in Zürich, Switzerland –

MC and Solo Classes



2022 or 2023

Your Event!

wherever you want me to come!

Solo, Lindy Hop, MC… you pick

Past Events


All the strikethrough events were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nov 13-15 = Cirque du Solo, Berlin (DE)
Sep 26-28 = Boost (SwingStep), Heidelberg (DE)
Aug 21-23 = Ceuvel Swing Camp, Amsterdam (NL)
Jul 4 – Aug 6 = Swing Summit, Ardèche (FR)
Jun 11-14 = Chase Festival, Heidelberg (DE)
Apr 10-12 = Guinche Swing Festival, Poitiers (FR)
Mar 20-22 = Uni Swing, Edinburgh (UK)
Feb 20-23 = Winter Jump, Oslo (NO)
Feb 7-9 = Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Hop, York (UK)
Feb 1-2 = SwingStep Hanse, Hamburg (DE)
Jan 24-26 = DJam, Durham (UK)


Nov 22-24 = Stir It, Zürich (CH)
Nov 15-17 = Cirque du Solo, Berlin (DE)
Nov 9-10 = Local workshop, Tübingen (DE)
Sep 28-29 = Boost (SwingStep), Heidelberg (DE)
Jul 24 – Aug 25 = Swing Summit, Ardèche (FR)
Jun 28 – Jul 3 = Swing, Me & The Sea in Croatia
May 30 – Jun 2 = Chase Festival, Heidelberg (DE)
May 24-27 = Smokey Feet, Amsterdam (NL)
Apr 13-14 = Boost (SwingStep), Berlin (DE)
Mar 29-31 = Swing Train, Turin (IT)
Jan 19-20 = SwingStep Hanse, Hamburg (DE)


In the years 2016 through 2018 I’ve mostly taught at SwingStep workshops (Sensaction Berlin, Boost, Hanse, Leipzig Deluxe, Chase, Swing Summit, etc). I’ve also taught at exchanges like Blue Skies Lisbon (PT), and local workshops in Germany and Switzerland (eg. “Swing Swing Swing” in 2018 in Biel and “Swingomania” in 2017 in Nürnberg).

I’ve taught a total of 4 events alone, more than 20 with Kris, 6 with Katie, and 3 with Jule. But who’s counting.

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