My work

Areski Stichweh teaches Lindy Hop and Solo Movement.

Master of ceremony

The show must go on! I will entertain the crowd and make sure that everything goes smoothly backstage.

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solo Movement

Solo Jazz, Body Awareness and a bit of Tap. Tools to improve your dancing dramatically.

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Partnered Dancing

I teach Lindy Hop with three partners. Katie Cobalt, Jule Küppers and Kris Blindert.

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Pedagogy training

Tools to know how to teach anyone, and with anyone. Share your passion with skill.

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Master of Ceremony

My role, as an MC, is to create a story over the evening or even over the days. Linking the acts together, entertaining the crowd while making sure that in the back, all artists are ready.

I will always work hard to make it about the event, and create a unique atmosphere where people relax, laugh and feel connected to the live music, the competitors, the event, and mostly importantly: to each other.


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Solo Movement

Solo Jazz, Body Awareness and just a bit of Tap

Solo Jazz
As soon as I started partnered dancing, I also started solo dancing. The dance conversations I would have in solo would amaze me as much as a well-connected dance. In my solo classes, I’ll give students the tools to be creative by holding on to concepts or structures that make it easy to jam on the social dance floor.

Body Awareness
Good dancing doesn’t go without body awareness. I studied anatomy for a few months and really went into detail to understand: how are we suppose to stand? to move? Functional fitness, stretching, and the most important one: warming up properly – those are all sessions I can offer as a taster, a main class or as a talk at your event.

Lindy Hop is a rhythm dance, and Tap is defined by rhythm! My tap knowledge is based on fundamental techniques that allow you to be precise and simply improve your sense of rhythm with fun.


Solo dancing (aka. losing myself) to live music

Lindy hop – the wonderful people I work with

Kris as a happy DJ

Kris Blindert (Heidelberg)

Kris and I started working together in 2015. No need to say we know how to teach together, and we know exactly what we want from our classes and from the students. Be ready for nerding out and plenty of silly.

Anouk Chipault Le GuEnnec (Lausanne)

Anouk and I started teaching together in 2022. Even though the partnership is very young, we teach together every week and make sure that our classes are value driven and well-prepped!

Katie loves dancing

 KATIE COBALT (Portsmouth)

Katie and I have been working together since 2018. Our work relationship started with a strong friendship until we realised that we have very similar values, both in life and in dancing, which is great for teaching together.

For good Tap technique, your knee should go UP

Pedagogy Training

I started teaching at the age of 16, as a sailing instructor. Being a sailing instructor requires to understand where the student is, both in their ability and in their understanding of the situation. The trickiest part was always to make them sail into the harbour, which requires great focus. But that’s also where they learned the most.

But dancing is not sailing, and by working full-time at SwingStep for multiple years I have worked on adapting my knowledge to Swing dancing.

In pedagogy training sessions, I will help you learn the skill of assessing where the students are right now and how to react accordingly. I will explain how to change the energy in the class and handle frustration, how to build trust and have good conversations. And most importantly, I will show you how to create your own harbour: the optimal conditions for learning.


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